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Staff | The FJ Murphy Experience

Each and every member of our staff is an important link in delivering the satisfaction you deserve. While they each have varying degrees of skills and individual personalities, they know how to work as a team and taking care of YOUR issue is their priority!

Along those lines, we are careful to hire and employ only those who are rigorously vetted for character, skills, and attitude. It would be much easier to take short cuts but then we know none of us would be happy with the “product” we delivered.

First, everyone that works for F. J. Murphy & Son, Inc. has agreed to and undergone a thorough pre-hire character background check…but we go one step further: we also concern ourselves with their immediate families and associates. Since we are trusted to work at your property or property you’re responsible for, we want to know who it really is that we’re dispatching to accomplish the work.

Along the same lines, we have a substance-abuse testing program which is used both pre-hire, and again randomly while the individual is employed. It applies to everyone on our payroll.

A third and very important item is bonding. A company may advertise that it is “bonded” but typically are suggesting that it had to furnish a bond in order to obtain its business licenses, etc. or bonds to guarantee its bids or its job completions. That is true and we also must furnish such bonding.

However, the important bonding YOU should be concerned with when strangers enter your premises is the “Fidelity Bonding” F. J. Murphy carries on each and every one of our employees, just in case something “falls between the cracks”. Since a lot of our work is not just in new construction but in occupied homes, businesses, hospitals, banks, doctors’ offices, pharmacies and many other places of high value, we want to be sure you our customer is provided with extra protection. A Fidelity bond is a tool that does just that. There are few (if any) of our competitors that offer this extra benefit. So if you want a comfort zone, be cautious when you see the word “bonded” used in a lot of competitors' advertising. There’s a little more to it; and now you know the rest of the story! When talking to a contractor, ask just what kind of bonding they claim to provide.

Even further, probably one of the most unique and exclusive benefits we provide you is our “MSCA STAR Qualification”. People get tired of hearing about certifications and qualifications. I know I do. It seems everyone is certified & qualified regardless of what it is they do, from the guy that changes the tires on your vehicle to the kennel where you board your pet. Honestly, most of them are just from industry association memberships that businesses pay a fee to belong to. But every once in a while an extremely legitimate and quality program comes along that truly provides value to you.
MSCA Star does just that:

MSCA STAR® - a designation that ensures quality mechanical system service and maintenance MSCA STAR excellence achievement designation is a qualifications program recognizing the nation’s top mechanical service contractors such as F. J. Murphy. Established in 2003 by the Mechanical Service Contractors of America, MSCA STAR contractors have successfully passed an extensive, independent evaluation of key requirements that indicate that they are the best in the industry at delivering top-quality service.

The Value of UA Star Certified Service Technicians

One of the requirements of attaining MSCA STAR status is having a workforce of at least 75% UA STAR certified service technicians. The UA STAR program is a service technician certification program backed by the United Association of the Plumbing, Pipefitting and Sprinkler fitting Industry of the United States and Canada.

UA STAR technicians have successfully passed a rigorous exam that ensures technicians have the training and knowledge necessary to complete the complex tasks associated with servicing, repairing, maintaining or retrofitting a wide variety of mechanical systems. To become UA STAR certified, technicians complete a 5-year apprentice training program, undergo rigorous final written exams and have on-the-job work experience prior to taking and passing the Star specialized exam.

This means you are absolutely being served by a trained, accomplished technician that has skills to do his or her job correctly, safely and efficiently, the first time, without a lot of lost time.

The UA STAR program is the only technician certification program in the HVACR, Plumbing, Fire Sprinkler, and Piping industry that is ANSI accredited and ISO 9000 certified.