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Sump pumps often go unappreciated in households, but they are actually the unsung heroes of your homes, especially those with basements. At F.J. Murphy & Son, Inc. in Springfield, IL, we understand the importance of these devices. Sump pumps play a vital role in keeping your basement dry and your home safe. These pumps work by diverting excess water away from your basement, preventing flooding and water damage. Without a sump pump, heavy rains or melting snow can lead to basement flooding, causing structural damage and mold growth, not to mention the headache of cleaning up the mess. Having a sump pump offers numerous benefits. It safeguards your basement, protects your belongings, and ensures a healthier living environment by preventing mold and mildew growth. It’s a smart investment in your home’s longevity and your family’s well-being. At F.J. Murphy & Son, Inc., we’re your trusted experts for sump pump installation, maintenance, and repairs.

Don’t wait for water damage to strike. Contact us today to ensure your sump pump is in top condition, providing your home with the protection it needs.

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Sump Pump Installation

Sump pump installation is a vital step for households, particularly those with basements. At F.J. Murphy & Son, Inc., we understand the significance of this process in safeguarding your home. Sump pumps serve as a first line of defense against basement flooding. They work by collecting excess water and redirecting it away from your basement, preventing water damage and the potential for mold growth. Having a sump pump offers numerous benefits, from protecting your property and belongings to ensuring a healthy living environment. When it comes to sump pump installation, trusting our plumbing experts is the wise choice. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to ensure the job is done right, providing your home with the protection it needs. Don’t wait for water-related disasters to strike. Reach out to F.J. Murphy & Son, Inc. for superior sump pump plumbing services. We’re committed to your peace of mind and the safety of your home.

Contact us today to ensure your home is well-prepared for any water-related challenges. 24/7 service is available when you reach out to us.

Sump Pump Repair

Sump pumps are a lifeline for households with basements, and their functionality is extremely important to protect your property. These devices are designed to prevent basement flooding by diverting excess water away. A fully operational sump pump is your home’s defense against water damage and the potential for mold growth, ensuring a safe and dry environment. If you detect any issues with your sump pump, it’s crucial to act quickly. Neglecting problems can lead to costly damages and unexpected flooding. At F.J. Murphy & Son, Inc., we understand the importance of maintaining a reliable sump pump. Trust our experts to handle sump pump repairs, guaranteeing it functions seamlessly. Our professionals have the experience and knowledge needed to address issues promptly, ensuring your sump pump doesn’t malfunction when you need it the most. Don’t risk your home’s safety by ignoring sump pump problems.

Contact us for exceptional sump pump services and enjoy peace of mind, knowing your home is protected from flooding and mold.

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Sump Pump Maintenance

Sump pumps work by collecting and redirecting excess water away from your basement, averting water damage and the risk of mold growth. The benefits of a fully functional sump pump are immense. It safeguards your property, preserves your possessions, and maintains a healthy indoor environment. To guarantee that your sump pump continues to operate effectively, it’s imperative to entrust its maintenance to the best experts in town. At F.J. Murphy & Son, Inc., our professionals have the expertise to ensure your sump pump is in prime condition and operates effectively and reliably. Don’t wait for a crisis to reveal the importance of sump pump maintenance. The regular maintenance of these systems is a critical aspect of home ownership. Sump pumps play a pivotal role in preventing basement flooding, ensuring your home remains dry and safe, and protecting not only your belongings, but also the health of your family.

Contact us for superior sump pump services, and we’ll make sure your home is safeguarded from potential water damage.

When to Consider
Replacing Your Sump Pump

A well-functioning sump pump is a crucial component of any home’s flood prevention system. Recognizing when it’s time to replace your old sump pump can save you from the disastrous consequences of a malfunctioning unit. At F.J. Murphy & Son, Inc., we understand the significance of a reliable sump pump. Here are six signs indicating it’s time to replace your sump pump:


Maintaining your sump pump is crucial to prevent water damage. Replace it with a newer, efficient model if it’s over 10 years old, to avoid costly repairs and reduce your home’s risk of water damage from flooding or storms.

Excessive Noise

Listen for strange or excessive noises, as well as look out for leaks near your sump pump. This can indicate wear and tear, or potential issues. Stay alert and proactive to protect your home from water damage.

Frequent Cycling

Sump pumps prevent basement flooding, but frequent cycling can harm them. Faulty parts or blockages may cause this. Professional inspections can prevent water damage and improve performance.

Inadequate Water Removal

When your sump pump struggles to handle incoming water, it’s a definite sign that an upgrade to a more robust, higher-capacity unit is not just beneficial but essential. Take the proactive step and protect your property!

Visible Rust or Corrosion

Rust and corrosion on a sump pump are unmistakable signs that the unit has endured substantial wear and tear, posing a considerable risk of failure and making a replacement a prudent investment for long-term protection.

Strange Odors

If your sump pump or the water it removes emits unusual or foul odors, it’s a strong indicator of underlying issues that might necessitate prompt replacement to maintain a clean and safe basement environment.

When your sump pump shows any of these signs, consider replacing it with the help of F.J. Murphy & Son, Inc. Our skilled technicians are experienced in sump pump services, ensuring your home remains protected from flooding. We’re dedicated to delivering reliable solutions that keep your basement dry and safeguard your property from water damage. Trust us for sump pump services, and experience peace of mind in every storm. Your satisfaction is our priority.

The Importance of Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are an essential addition to virtually every home. These unassuming devices provide many advantages that make them indispensable. First and foremost, sump pumps act as a protective shield against basement flooding, ensuring that your lower-level living spaces remain dry and secure. They effectively collect excess water and divert it away, preventing structural damage and the potential for mold growth. This alone is reason enough to have one.

Furthermore, sump pumps are relatively affordable investments considering the protection and peace of mind they provide. When it comes to safeguarding your home and possessions from water-related disasters, the cost of installation and maintenance is a small price to pay for long-term security. However, to fully reap these benefits, it’s crucial to work with professionals who have the expertise to handle sump pump installation, maintenance, and repairs effectively. At our company, your home’s safety is in extremely capable hands.

Contact our team today to learn more about how we can ensure your sump pump keeps your home dry and secure. Your safety is our priority.

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Your Questions Answered

Our Plumbing FAQ

The plumbing systems within our homes are intricate and play a vital role in our daily lives, responsible for providing clean water, managing wastewater and much more. However, plumbing issues can lead to frustration and disruptions in your daily routines. At F.J. Murphy & Son, Inc., our team has put together a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to address the common questions and concerns homeowners may have about their plumbing systems. This resource aims to shed light on these unanswered questions as well as their solutions, helping you maintain an efficiently functioning plumbing system and allowing timely repairs. This is a proactive approach that minimizes potential damage and ultimately saves you money in the future.

Aren’t the faucets sold in hardware stores the same faucets that plumbers supply?

That depends. Many of the plumbing parts & other equipment sold at retail warehouse stores are not the same grade. Even the better-known name brands make lower end “builders-grade” or “consumer-grade” products, some with internal parts that most professional plumbers would never use. For example, there is a genuine value difference between a $89 faucet and one that costs $159 even if they look identical. The same is true of equipment, such as water heaters. Rest assured, you can reply on our professional staff to make the right choices for you. 

How can I determine the quality of plumbing products I buy in retail stores?

More than likely, you won’t be able to because you haven’t had a professional plumber’s experience from working on hundreds of systems a year, finding which products work best, last longest, and give you the least problems. Remember, cheap work is not good and good work is not cheap. When you hire a trained professional to do a job, part of what you are paying for is this expertise. This is true with other trades as well: electricians can’t provide a warranty for fans and fixtures you buy at a retail store; tile setters know from experience that they can waste a lot of valuable time struggling to set tile that an owner bought on sale from a discount store because such tiles are often “seconds” which cannot be set straight; a carpenter can’t properly hang an odd-ball door. Bottom line: It usually takes more time to try to make an inferior product fit or work properly than to use the right materials the first time.  

I have a sump pump in my basement. Is it really necessary to have a secondary pump installed?

Well, we think it’s very important to have a back-up pump of some type. If you have an electric primary pump (likely) you have 3 pump options for back-up redundancy: 1) an additional electric; 2) a battery-powered; or 3) a water-driven. After all, if you didn’t care about water in your basement, you probably wouldn’t care about having a primary sump pump in the first place! It’s sort of like wanting to get to your destination in a car with no spare tire…you’re “rolling the dice” without a back-up. Unfortunately electric pumps themselves have limited service-lives, often fail, and leave many basements flooded. Not pretty. A properly installed secondary electric is a good choice as long as your city power is on. Under certain conditions, a better choice might be a battery-powered. As a matter of fact, many backup pumps installed in the past were battery-powered. Of course they only work if the battery has been maintained, and is fully charged and fresh. Once the battery wears down after a few hours, if your city power isn’t back in service, you’re back to “square one” with no way to keep the basement dry. The battery-powered was certainly better than nothing at all. But the best is yet to come:

Nowadays, we highly recommend installing a high quality water-powered back-up sump pump. It’s clearly the best choice.  It has very few moving parts, and requires no battery and no electricity. The big reasons a water-driven pump is best: 1) It requires virtually no maintenance and it will just about last forever; 2) Groundwater typically becomes a problem when there are storms and the odds of power outages always increase with storms. Unless you have your own standby generator, the water-driven pump will be there to pump day and night without missing a beat no matter how long it rains…when the primary sump pump stops due to lack of electricity, and the battery back-up stops due to an exhausted battery; 3) Importantly, the water-driven will pump more water out of your basement faster than the typical battery sump pump and often as much or more than the electric primary pumps. Water-driven…the best choice for peace-of-mind and proper groundwater removal. Our choice.

Why do I need a backflow device and why does it require annual testing?

Backflow Prevention Devices (often called RPZ’s or Cross Connection Devices (CCDs)) are an important part of many plumbing systems. Basically they help prevent the possibility of contaminants getting into your drinking water. The were mandated by the IL EPA a number of years ago in many applications involving potable (drinking) water. Accordingly, the EPA required that special training (approx. 32 hours) and subsequent licensing was required for both Backflow Installation and Servicing. Only Journeyman Plumbers already licensed by the IL Dept. of Public Health are allowed to undertake the training and be issued a Certified Backflow license on successful completion. Our Backflow crews are of course fully licensed.

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If this is an emergency, please call 217.528.4081 for immediate assistance. We are available 24/7 through this number.