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When it comes to expert commercial plumbing in Springfield, IL, look no further than our seasoned team of licensed technicians at F.J. Murphy & Son, Inc. We understand the unique demands of local businesses and are equipped to cater to their plumbing needs with professionalism and precision. At our company, we specialize in a wide range of commercial plumbing services, from routine maintenance to tackling more complex issues. Whether it’s addressing a minor leak, upgrading your plumbing for improved efficiency, or managing large-scale projects, we have the experience and skills to get the job done right. Our commitment to exceptional service extends beyond our expertise. We prioritize your business’s well-being, ensuring that your plumbing systems run seamlessly to minimize disruptions. We understand the importance of a functional plumbing system for your operation’s success.

Contact our team for the highest quality commercial plumbing services in Springfield, IL. The continued success of your business is our top priority.

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Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

Maintaining your business’s plumbing system is crucial for its optimal functioning and longevity. Our expert technicians follow an eight-step commercial plumbing maintenance checklist to ensure a comprehensive inspection. This comprehensive checklist includes thorough leak checks, water pressure testing to ensure it falls within the optimal range, drainage system evaluations to maintain efficient water flow and prevent blockages, assessments of your water heater‘s condition, inspections to test the proper functionality of sinks, toilets, and faucets, verification of the correct operation of backflow prevention devices to safeguard your potable water supply, detailed examinations of sewer lines for signs of damage, clogs, or root intrusion, and, if applicable, thorough cleaning and maintenance of grease traps to prevent plumbing blockages and maintain compliance with local regulations.  Our commitment to meticulous maintenance ensures that your business’s plumbing system continues to function flawlessly, reducing operational disruptions and potentially costly repairs.  

To keep your business’s plumbing in top shape, contact our professional team at F.J. Murphy & Son, Inc. for scheduled inspections and the assurance of a reliable plumbing infrastructure.

Common Commercial Plumbing Problems & Solutions

Common commercial plumbing issues can disrupt your business operations and lead to significant expenses if left unaddressed. At F.J. Murphy & Son, Inc., our licensed and experienced technicians are well-equipped to tackle the most prevalent plumbing problems faced by businesses. We understand that issues like leaks, clogged drains, and malfunctioning fixtures can be detrimental to your daily operations. Our comprehensive services focus on resolving these common plumbing challenges with efficiency and precision. We have the expertise to detect and repair leaks, ensuring water conservation and preventing structural damage. Clogged drains are swiftly cleared, preventing backups and health hazards. Malfunctioning fixtures are expertly repaired or replaced to ensure seamless functionality. Don’t let plumbing problems hinder your business. We provide the highest level of service to address your specific plumbing needs.

Contact our team today for quality commercial plumbing services that guarantee the uninterrupted functionality of your business. We prioritize your continued success.

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Commercial Plumbing Upgrades

For businesses seeking to diminish operational expenses and environmental impact, investing in commercial plumbing upgrades for water efficiency is a prudent decision. F.J. Murphy & Son, Inc. offers a variety of advantageous upgrades that can substantially enhance water efficiency and yield long-term cost savings. These upgrades encompass low-flow fixtures, energy-efficient water heaters, automated leak detection systems, greywater recycling, high-efficiency appliances, and advanced water filtration and purification systems. By adopting these improvements, not only will your business benefit from reduced utility bills, but it will also promote sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Contact our team today for expert guidance in implementing these water-efficient solutions, ensuring optimal business efficiency and a reduced environmental footprint, all with your satisfaction as our utmost priority.

Backflow Prevention (CCDI)

Backflow preventers, also known as Cross Connection Device Inspectors (CCDI), are an integral component of plumbing systems that safeguard the quality of our water supply. Backflow occurs when the flow of water reverses direction, potentially allowing contaminants, pollutants, or non-potable water to enter the clean water supply. At F.J. Murphy & Son, Inc., we are certified to test these devices, ensuring that they function correctly and protect the integrity of your water source. In Illinois, it is crucial to have a licensed plumber who is certified as a CCDI to conduct these tests, ensuring that your water remains free from harmful substances and contaminants. Our service is necessary to maintain the safety and health of our communities. By having our professionals test your backflow preventers, you can have peace of mind that your water supply remains clean, preventing potential health hazards and costly remediation efforts.

Reach out to us today! F.J. Murphy & Son, Inc. takes pride in our role in ensuring the quality and safety of your water.

The Benefits of Hiring A
Professional Commercial Plumber

Professional commercial plumbing services offer a wide array of benefits for businesses. At F.J. Murphy & Son, Inc., we provide a range of valuable services that can significantly enhance your business’s efficiency and save you from unnecessary stress and expenses. Here are six key advantages of working with professional plumbers to improve your business:


A professional plumber can help resolve difficult plumbing issues using advanced tools. With their well-earned training, they provide an affordable and assured solution.


Hire commercial plumbers for uninterrupted and secure plumbing services. With their problem-solving skills, they identify and address issues before they cause problems.

Long-Term Savings

Commercial plumbing solutions can save you money by preventing water wastage, repairs, and costly utility bills. Choose professional services to achieve this goal efficiently.

Code Compliance

For your commercial plumbing needs, hire professional plumbers. They have the expertise to ensure compliance, repair heaters and boilers, insulate pipes, and maintain safety.

Custom Solutions

Commercial plumbing requires expertise for tailored solutions. With years of experience, commercial plumbers prevent damage and optimize business operations.

Peace of Mind

With professional plumbers on your side, you can focus on your core business, knowing that your plumbing is in expert hands, leading to a more efficient and stress-free operation.

These benefits highlight the importance of seeking professional commercial plumbing services to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of your business. Contact our team at F.J. Murphy & Son, Inc. today for exceptional service that enhances your business’s plumbing infrastructure and optimizes your operations. Your satisfaction and business success are our top priorities.

Your Questions Answered

Our Plumbing FAQ

The plumbing systems within our homes are intricate and play a vital role in our daily lives, responsible for providing clean water, managing wastewater and much more. However, plumbing issues can lead to frustration and disruptions in your daily routines. At F.J. Murphy & Son, Inc., our team has put together a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to address the common questions and concerns homeowners may have about their plumbing systems. This resource aims to shed light on these unanswered questions as well as their solutions, helping you maintain an efficiently functioning plumbing system and allowing timely repairs. This is a proactive approach that minimizes potential damage and ultimately saves you money in the future.

Aren’t the faucets sold in hardware stores the same faucets that plumbers supply?

That depends. Many of the plumbing parts & other equipment sold at retail warehouse stores are not the same grade. Even the better-known name brands make lower end “builders-grade” or “consumer-grade” products, some with internal parts that most professional plumbers would never use. For example, there is a genuine value difference between a $89 faucet and one that costs $159 even if they look identical. The same is true of equipment, such as water heaters. Rest assured, you can reply on our professional staff to make the right choices for you. 

How can I determine the quality of plumbing products I buy in retail stores?

More than likely, you won’t be able to because you haven’t had a professional plumber’s experience from working on hundreds of systems a year, finding which products work best, last longest, and give you the least problems. Remember, cheap work is not good and good work is not cheap. When you hire a trained professional to do a job, part of what you are paying for is this expertise. This is true with other trades as well: electricians can’t provide a warranty for fans and fixtures you buy at a retail store; tile setters know from experience that they can waste a lot of valuable time struggling to set tile that an owner bought on sale from a discount store because such tiles are often “seconds” which cannot be set straight; a carpenter can’t properly hang an odd-ball door. Bottom line: It usually takes more time to try to make an inferior product fit or work properly than to use the right materials the first time.  

I have a sump pump in my basement. Is it really necessary to have a secondary pump installed?

Well, we think it’s very important to have a back-up pump of some type. If you have an electric primary pump (likely) you have 3 pump options for back-up redundancy: 1) an additional electric; 2) a battery-powered; or 3) a water-driven. After all, if you didn’t care about water in your basement, you probably wouldn’t care about having a primary sump pump in the first place! It’s sort of like wanting to get to your destination in a car with no spare tire…you’re “rolling the dice” without a back-up. Unfortunately electric pumps themselves have limited service-lives, often fail, and leave many basements flooded. Not pretty. A properly installed secondary electric is a good choice as long as your city power is on. Under certain conditions, a better choice might be a battery-powered. As a matter of fact, many backup pumps installed in the past were battery-powered. Of course they only work if the battery has been maintained, and is fully charged and fresh. Once the battery wears down after a few hours, if your city power isn’t back in service, you’re back to “square one” with no way to keep the basement dry. The battery-powered was certainly better than nothing at all. But the best is yet to come:

Nowadays, we highly recommend installing a high quality water-powered back-up sump pump. It’s clearly the best choice.  It has very few moving parts, and requires no battery and no electricity. The big reasons a water-driven pump is best: 1) It requires virtually no maintenance and it will just about last forever; 2) Groundwater typically becomes a problem when there are storms and the odds of power outages always increase with storms. Unless you have your own standby generator, the water-driven pump will be there to pump day and night without missing a beat no matter how long it rains…when the primary sump pump stops due to lack of electricity, and the battery back-up stops due to an exhausted battery; 3) Importantly, the water-driven will pump more water out of your basement faster than the typical battery sump pump and often as much or more than the electric primary pumps. Water-driven…the best choice for peace-of-mind and proper groundwater removal. Our choice.

Why do I need a backflow device and why does it require annual testing?

Backflow Prevention Devices (often called RPZ’s or Cross Connection Devices (CCDs)) are an important part of many plumbing systems. Basically they help prevent the possibility of contaminants getting into your drinking water. The were mandated by the IL EPA a number of years ago in many applications involving potable (drinking) water. Accordingly, the EPA required that special training (approx. 32 hours) and subsequent licensing was required for both Backflow Installation and Servicing. Only Journeyman Plumbers already licensed by the IL Dept. of Public Health are allowed to undertake the training and be issued a Certified Backflow license on successful completion. Our Backflow crews are of course fully licensed.

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If this is an emergency, please call 217.528.4081 for immediate assistance. We are available 24/7 through this number.