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Historic & Architectural Landmarks Service

Perhaps this market sector we serve is most gratifying for us. Although infrequent, projects on these types of properties require a contractor with patience and determination to assign the right personnel to each phase of the job, to accept nothing but perfection, and who can realize the inherent and intrinsic value these structures represent. For these kinds of projects, contractors are typically chosen not on the basis of price or political connections, but exclusively on their documented ability to deliver a flawless job while understanding the significance and importance of the properties they are working on.


The outstanding home designed by world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright for Susan Lawrence Dana, known as the Dana-Thomas Home in Springfield is such an example. When it underwent a total restoration, F. J. Murphy & Son, Inc. was selected to install all new Plumbing & HVAC, and to design and install a special concealed Fire Protection Sprinkler system to protect this treasured landmark. 

Going back quite a few years, John Murphy, plumber and father of the man for whom our company is named, twice did one of the more interesting jobs related to our family’s trade. In 1884, since plumbers worked with “lead” on a regular basis, John Murphy and another plumber were hired to open and then re-seal the lead coffin of Abraham Lincoln. Then, some 16 years later in 1900, when the Lincoln Monument at Oak Ridge Cemetery was torn down and rebuilt, the services of John Murphy and his co-worker were once again called on. The task was to re-open the lead coffin to confirm that the body of Lincoln was indeed still there! When the confirmation was concluded for the group of 23 people including the plumbers and the Guard of Honor, John Murphy and his co-worker then closed and re-sealed the coffin with plumber’s lead for the second time, before it was lowered 10 feet below the tomb floor. It was then covered with two tons of concrete and rests untouched in that spot today.

Following in the “Lincoln-Murphy connection”, F. J. Murphy was more recently chosen by the U.S. National Park Service to install new Plumbing, HVAC, and a special type of fail-safe and concealed Fire Protection Sprinkler system in Abraham Lincoln’s Home when it underwent a complete and major restoration. 

Another project of this type was at the Mark Twain Home in Hannibal, MO where F. J. Murphy was once again selected to design and install a Fire Protection Sprinkler system, again specialized and concealed.

These anecdotes illustrate the care and diligence the “entire Murphy organization” has always demanded and been recognized for in all of our work. Because we continually strive to maintain this reputation and pride, you benefit from hiring the best whenever we work for YOU!