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Fire Sprinklers


Maintenance and Repairs - We repair and maintain emergency fire extinguishing systems with the utmost care in order to enhance safety.

Scheduled Inspections - Our technicians will inspect the systems to maximize dependability and assure full compliance with the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), typically your local Fire Department. The inspections also assure full compliance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and your insurance company.

SPECIAL NOTE: Nearly all insurance policies have a clause invalidating and voiding your insurance coverage if your Sprinkler system is not professionally maintained and inspected at regular intervals. Don’t let this happen to you.

New Construction, retrofit of existing buildings, and remodels or additions – Since they are a requirement for life-safety in commercial buildings we assure sprinkler systems are top quality and dependable. Our system design must conform to the National and Local Fire Codes and each of our designers are Certified with the National Institute of Certifed Engineering Technology (NICET) to assure the design is correct and compliant. NICET is the recognized standard of excellence in Fire Sprinkler design, and is an absolute requirement for a legitimate Fire Sprinkler Contractor Licensing in the State of Illinois. F. J. Murphy & Son, Inc. is State Licensed Fire Sprinkler Contractor #26, issued by the IL State Fire Marshal.

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